Welcome to Kuching Tourism, Complete Guide About Visiting Kuching

Welcome to Kuching, Sarawak

Kuching, officially termed as the city of Kuching is the famous capital and the most populous city of the state of Sarawak in Malaysia. This city also happens to be the capital of Kuching Division and hence one of the most recognized places within the area. This city is located on the famous Sarawak River at the very southwest end of the state of Sarawak on to the island of Borneo. The city covers an approximate area of 431 square kilometers respectively, along with a total population of about 165,642 in the region of Kuching North administration as well as 159,490 in the region of the south-most administration.

The city boasts a very unusual name and the word refers to ‘cat’ in Malay. There are many stories about the derivation of the name of the city, however none of them support the former claim. There are explanations about the name of the city being derived from a Chinese word ‘kochin’ which means harbor. While others have to say that the city has been named after the mata Kuching or the cat’s eye fruit which is a close relative to the lychee family that is widely found here.

Being one of the most recognized cities of the country, Kuching is also very popular among the tourists who visit the country during their vacations. The main attraction for the tourists in the city is the food as this city happens to be a great food destination for all the tourists. Also, Kuching is a major gateway for all the travelers who visit Sarawak and Borneo respectively. There are a number of things that make this city famous among both the locals as well as tourists. Some of these include the Kuching Wetlands National Park which is located at a distance of 30 kilometers from the city. Apart from this, there are various other attractions the city has for all its tourists.

Similar to all the towns as well as cities of Borneo, the focal point of the city as well as the very reason behind its existence is the river. If you are wanting to reach this beautifully constructed city, just hire a sampan to meander slowly up and down and you will be well-acquainted with the very first impression that this city serves to you. This is the location which gives you the view of some of the most picturesque attractions of the city.


A good backup of economy:

Kuching is considered to be one of the major industrial as well as commercial centers of the state, and hence the flow of economy in this city is very smooth. There are a number of commercial and industrial establishments here at different levels of state and center along with different headquarters and branches. The entire economy of the city is looked after and dominated by the primary sector and recently by the tertiary based industry. This step was taken recently by the government as it wanted to transform the entire state into a more developed and strong state by the year 2020 within the country.

A home to many cultural spots:

As stated, Kuching is also a city that attracts a number of tourists towards it. There are a number of museums located within the city which proudly showcase the culture and the history of the city. The Sarawak State Museum is considered to be one of the best museums of the continent, and the same happens to be the oldest and the most historical building located within the city. This museum showcases a beautiful collection of history and culture of Kuching. There are amazing collections of the indigenous races in the state that are well-presented by this museum. Another cultural spot is the Tun Abdul Razak Hall serving as a popular exhibition venue as well as office of the department of the former museum. Likewise, there are many other places of cultural importance to look for within the city.

Historical places depicting the historical importance:

Apart from various cultural places, the city is also a home to a number of historical landmarks which are worth visiting. The beautiful Astana is the former palace of all the White Rajahs and the present official residence of the Yang di-Pertua Negeri of Sarawak is a place to visit. Another beautiful historical landmark of the city is the Fort Margherita.

You can also encounter the oldest street of the city which is known by the name of Main Bazaar, a row of the Chinese shop-houses dating back to the 19th century. This place offers the best concentration of the handicraft and antique shops of the city and you can spend all your money in buying some of the most amazing pieces from here. The Main Bazaar is the part of the old town of the city that also includes various other famous attractions like the Carpenter Street and India Street.

The cosmopolitan side of the city:

The City Center of Kuching is a very compact and well-preserved place where everything worth viewing could be reached either on foot or by sampan. There are amazing narrow and bustling streets which are full of shops that sell all kinds of goods – hence serving the best place for all the shopaholics. This area also includes a beautiful colonial-style architecture, Chinese temples, a gorgeous waterfront as well as various other amazing tourist attractions to look for.

Apart from entertaining a fair range of accommodation, this area is also where you would encounter the best luxuries, amazing restaurants as well as hyped nightlife of the city. The diners would love this area as they have a variety of food to gorge on different restaurants.

Kuching is undoubtedly an ideal travel destination for all the individuals who look forward to seeking respite from their daily lives and indulging in an experience which could serve them the best of both worlds. There is everything for everyone within the city. The locals too enjoy living in the city as it is a mix of the ancient culture along with the modern lifestyle and amenities.