The beautiful capital city of Sarawak in Malaysia always keeps you fascinated and intrigued with its amazing and captivating beauty. This small city serves a perfect destination for holidays. There are a number of beautiful places and spots where you can spend time with your friends and family. The beautiful landscape of this city is the spot where there are a number of entertainment areas as well as hotels and restaurants all of which serve you with a great vacation experience.

The amazing culture, natural landscapes, flora and fauna together make this place a must visit. Here are the best places to visit in Kuching.

  1. Bako National Park, Kuching:

This national park covers a total area of 2727 hectares and the same is considered to be the oldest national park of the area. The place is situated at a distance of 37 kilometers from the city and is a home to stunning natural beauty as well as extensive collection of the wildlife. You can easily travel here using any public transport or your own independent vehicle. The major attractions of this National Park include langurs, wild boar, long-tailed macaque monkeys, flying squirrels, monitor lizards and many others. The national park also provides for a cafeteria that serves snacks to the visitors.

  1. Sarawak Cultural Village:

Sarawak Cultural Village of Kuching is one of the best places to visit here. This one is a living museum as well as a fascinating cultural display of multiple styles of the region which also showcases the houses as well as living styles and conditions of the locals here. You can explore and acquire knowledge about all kinds of culture and their essence by visiting this place and spend a leisure time here. Apart from this, the place also showcases an extensive collection of swords, baskets, handicrafts and various other art pieces.

  1. Cat Museum:

One of the most unique places that this city embraces for all its tourists is the cat museum. If you are a cat lover, your visit to the Cat Museum is a must. This is in fact, the first of its very own kind in the whole world. The cat museum is a completely different place for all the tourists, especially the cat lovers here. The place embraces more than 4,000 pictures as well as souvenirs and feline art of several kinds and species of cat. The museum covers a total area of 1035 square meters and it surely serves as one amazing place to be in.

  1. Kuching Waterfront:

Kuching Waterfront is considered as one of the most refreshing and peaceful places of the city. This place is very fascinating and it boasts a waterfront which was earlier a riverbank having old warehouses as well as dilapidated buildings. Later on, this place was then beautified with a beautifully paved pathway of one kilometer to facilitate leisure walking. Ever since then, this place has become a popular spot for all the tourists and locals. The cool refreshing air, amazing light bulbs and various refreshments café, this place has surely become one of the most romantic destinations of the city. If you are likely to visit the place, it is suggested to visit during the night time as it decorates itself more than beautifully. This place is a charming spot for sure.

  1. Kuching Wetlands National Park:

This beautiful national park covers a total area of 6610 hectares and it is considered as one of the most popular places to visit in Kuching. The national park is entirely filled with saline mangrove system and it has a rich marine network along with waterways and creeks which eventually connect the major Salak and Sibu Laut rivers that border the park. You can explore this park by arranging for a river cruise via park. There are beautiful views that you can catch while having a gala time here.

  1. The Great Orangutan Project:

The Great Orangutan Project is known to be an initiative where the people could work as volunteers and spend two to four weeks of their time aiding as to the conservation project of Orangutan in the pretty Kubah National Park. This one surely gives you a pleasant and once in a lifetime experience to cherish as you can extend a helping hand to the animal under the supervision of an expert volunteer. You can take care of the beautiful animal and can learn a number of things about them such as how they are bathed, how they are fed and how they are taken care of. The volunteers involved in the project are very friendly and hardworking and so they make this experience all the more comfortable for you. This one serves an excellent opportunity for all the travelers who get a chance to come close to the nature and to the animals as well.

  1. Sarawak Orchid Garden:

If you are a connoisseur of flowers, especially orchids, then this is surely the best place to be in while you are touring Kuching. The beautiful Sarawak Orchid Garden is one popular tourist attraction of the city and it is a home to more than 82 species of orchids. This garden came into establishment in the year 2009 and ever since then it has been interesting tourists of all rounds who come and visit here to explore and know about the beautiful orchids. Apart from the native species of orchids, this gardens has an extensive assortment of orchids from throughout the world. The garden has two parts – the nursery as well as the display area. You can enjoy sightseeing both of them with all the delight.

  1. Fairy Caves:

The Fairy Caves is a beautiful cavern which is located thirty meters above the ground and which happens to be one of the best places to visit in Kuching. The entire place is adorned with beautiful ferns as well as moss covered formations of rock, thereby giving the place a beautiful and mystical aura. This is where you can come a step close to nature and begin to admire it.

Plan a visit to all these places in Kuching and you will love traveling here every now and then.

Kuching, the capital city of Sarawak in Malaysia is one of the most popular cities, not only within the state, but in the country as well. A number of tourists keep visiting this beautiful place to make the most of their vacations. Kuching has a lot to offer to the tourists – from beautiful natural landscapes to some amazing sights of ancient temples, museums and architecture – Kuching has everything that any tourist would fancy. Apart from this, there are a number of shopping malls within the city where the locals and tourists can shop for a number of things at fairly good prices.

Following are the best shopping malls in Kuching:

  1. Kuching Sentral:

Kuching Sentral was constructed to become a transportation hub and today it happens to be one of the best shopping malls of the city. This mall is located on the outskirts of the city, hence accessible to all the tourists who have their accommodation on the outskirts. There is a small exhibition area, the main anchor tenant of which the H&L Supermarket. This mall does not have any entertainment area, however that doesn’t make it a bad place. You can easily hang out here with a lot of other activities which are happening within the mall. If you are waiting on a layover, this is the best place to spend your time in.

  1. Hill Shopping Mall:

Hill Shopping Mall in Kuching is situated at the Jalan Bukit Mata. The most intriguing thing about this mall is its beautiful location that offers a view of the famous Sarawak River. This shopping mall has everything to entertain all the locals as well as tourists. There are a number of food outlets as well as restaurants located on to the ground floor. Next is a famous specialty store which is located on the first floor of the mall. This is the place where you can carry out a number of entertainment activity.

  1. Plaza Merdeka Shopping Mall:

Plaza Merdeka Shopping Mall of Kuching is yet another amazing shopping mall of the city which is very famous among the locals as well as tourists. This mall is located in front of the Kuching General Post Office. The whole interiors of this shopping mall are very modern and chic. There are various stores and outlets located within the mall that sell good jewelry as well as branded clothes. Thus, you can get your hands on some of the most amazing brands. The mall also includes an entertainment center for everyone for their leisure and entertainment.

  1. Wisma Hopoh:

Wisma Hopoh is one of the smallest malls of the city, however despite of its small size, the popularity of this mall remains untainted and intact. This mall has a lot of offerings for all the locals as well as visitors. This mall is known for housing a lot of tailor, eye wear and saloons. Thus, if any of these things interest you, this is the mall that you must visit and explore. There are stores of affordable apparels. Sadly, the mall doesn’t have any entertainment area for the visitors.

  1. Sarawak Plaza:

Sarawak Plaza is one of the most popular shopping malls of the city and ever since its very construction, the place has undergone various renovations. This place is very popular among the locals as it offers an amazing shopping experience to them. Alongside, this place is also a good spot to hang out as it organizes a number of leisure activities and entertaining events to draw all the new customers towards it.

  1. Riverside Shopping Complex:

Riverside Shopping Complex of Kuching is one of the oldest malls located within the city. This factor makes it a popular destination for all the tourists as well as locals. This is a very decent shopping malls where you can shop for all kinds of household items. For the entertainment of all the visitors, the mall has a bowling alley as well as a cinema hall having 3D capabilities.

  1. Green Height Mall:

The Green Height Mall is located within the housing area of BDC and it is considered as one of the most popular malls of the city. This mall is a small two-storeyed mall which is mostly famous for the grocery stores that it has. Apart from it, there are a number of food joints where the tourists come and gorge on amazing delicacies. The anchor tenant for this mall is ColdStorage that offers a variety of international brands and products to sell.

  1. Cityone Megamall:

The amazing CityOne Megamall is yet another shopping mall which is located within the city and this mall has a lot of offerings for the tourists and locals alike. There is a children playground, a convention area, an archery area as well as an eight-screen cinema having 3D and IMAX screens. Thus, this mall offers the visitors a good dose of entertainment for sure.

  1. Plaza Meredeka:

Plaza Mederak is situated under the Waterfront Hotel and it is considered as one of the most popular shopping malls of the city. The reason behind such popularity of the mall is that is houses some of the most recognized designer brands which attract a number of shopaholic towards it. Apart from shopping, this mall offers you an amazing dining experience. There is a decent food court which offers a variety of cuisines to savor.

  1. Vivacity Megamall:

The beautiful Vivacity Megamall happens to be the largest mall in the city. Thus, this mall has a lot of offerings for all the visitors. There are various international clothing brands and restaurants to have a good time in. The mall offers for two different food courts – both of which serve an amazing variety of food. Apart from offering various designer brands and amazing cuisines, the mall also offers a good doze of entertainment for the children and adults as it has a children playground, a convention area as well as an eight screen cinema having IMAX and 3D screens.

Malls in Kuching surely offer a great shopping and dining experience.

Kuching, the capital city of Sarawak, Malaysia has become a very popular tourist destination in the recent times. The city entertains a huge footfall of the tourists across the world every year. The reason behind such increasing popularity of Kuching are its amazing offerings for all the visitors and tourists. There are beautiful monuments, temples and places with rich architecture, amazing shopping malls as well as nature-oriented places to explore.

Kuching also provides a good deal of accommodation for all the visitors. There are many luxurious hotels as well as beach resorts within the city where you can expect a cozy stay. Following are considered as the ten best hotels to stay in Kuching, Malaysia:

  1. Damai Beach Resort:

The luxurious and beautiful Damai Resort is considered as one of the top hotels of the city which welcomes its clients with a number of amenities. This hotel provides you with the highest standards of accommodation and it is quite popular with all the couples and honeymooners. There is a stretch of white-sand beach which overlooks the South China Sea, thereby making the entire view look beautiful. The hotel provides you with all kinds of amenities including a restaurant, bar, free Wi Fi, swimming pool, spa, childcare and many others.

  1. Hilton Kuching:

One of the most sought-after places for a luxurious accommodation within the city is the beautiful Hilton Kuching which embraces everything plush and majestic. There are incredible views and a world class service. The staff is very hospitable and the services extended by the hotel are more than satisfactory. There are a number of amenities including restaurant, bar, free Wi Fi, spa, swimming pool, spa, gym and many others. Book a room in this hotel and enjoy a luxurious experience.

  1. Riverside Majestic Hotel:

The Riverside Majestic Hotel is all about a stellar location and a beautiful stay. This one serves as a perfect stay option for all the mid-range tourists. Each room of the hotel comprises of a beautiful and contemporary design. The location of the hotel allows you to explore the entire city with all the comfort and convenience. The hotel has a number of amenities to provide some of which include the services such as restaurants, bars, free Wi Fi, business facilities, swimming pool, childcare as well as connecting rooms.

  1. Pullman Kuching:

If you are looking for a plush stay without spending a fortune, then make the amazing Pullman Kuching your perfect choice. This one is one of the best value for money hotels that you would ever come across within the city. The hotel sits in a good location and all the tourist attractions of the city are more than accessible. The rooms are more than comfortable and there are a number of other amenities that include restaurant, bar, swimming pool, spa, hot tub, business facilities, airport transfers and many others.

  1. Grand Margherita Hotel:

A perfect location, attentive staff and gorgeous views together describe the hotel at its best. This hotel is gorgeous and vibrant and there are a number of things to enjoy here. The rooms are large, spacious and elegant and so are the public areas. There are a number of amenities that this hotel extends for the comfort and convenience of all the clients and customers. There is an on-site café, a restaurant as well as a bar. If you are looking for a luxury at mid-range, this is the place to be in.

  1. Imperial Riverbank Hotel Kuching:

The beautiful Imperial Riverbank Hotel sits on the banks of the river Sarawak and overlooks the grand Fort Margherita and Astana. This hotel is very popular with all the budget travelers as it provides a lot of amenities within a mid-range and hence serves as a great value for money hotel. There is an in-house restaurant where you can enjoy your breakfast, lunch and dinner. The other amenities that this hotel provides include a gym, swimming pool, free Wi Fi, airport transfers, bath tub and many others.

  1. Lot 10 Boutique Hotel Kuching:

Another luxury hotel that promises you an amazing and cozy stay is the Lot 10 Boutique Hotel. This was a former building which got transformed into a beautiful hotel which serves a number of guests with all its amazing amenities and services. This hotel is very popular among all the leisure and business travelers as it has a lot of offering for them. There is a free Wi Fi, gym, restaurant and many other in-house services that you would want to seek and enjoy.

  1. The Waterfront Hotel:

The beautiful Waterfront Hotel is one of the top ten hotels of the city. This one surely lives up to its namesake and it offers a central spot and incredible views, thereby acting as a magnet for all the couples. You can relax in the beautiful infinity pool that overlooks the majestic Sarawak State Legislative Assembly Building. There are comfortable rooms, all of which are occupied with all the essential amenities. The café and restaurant serve amazing food and drinks. This hotel is surely a place to be in.

  1. The Ranee Boutique Suites:

The beautiful Ranee Boutique Suites are one of the top hotels in Kuching that promise you a cozy stay and a number of amenities. This stylish hotel offers a comfortable accommodation for all the guests. It is elegantly designed and includes a lot of amenities and services for all its guests. The suites of this hotel are spacious and are decorated elegantly with some of the most attractive interiors. The hotel includes a number of amenities such as a bar, restaurant, free Wi Fi, housekeeping services and many others.

  1. Batik Boutique Hotel:

Batik Boutique Hotel has stylish rooms which combine the perfect mix of colors and layout of amazing furniture. This serves as one of the best choices of accommodation for all the couples, business travelers as well as solo travelers. The staff is very friendly and hospitable and so are the services provided by the hotel. The hotel provides for both the basic as well as luxury amenities for all its guests. The rooftop terrace is the main highlight of this hotel.

Choose from among these hotels for a cozy stay in the city.