Best places to visit in Kuching

The beautiful capital city of Sarawak in Malaysia always keeps you fascinated and intrigued with its amazing and captivating beauty. This small city serves a perfect destination for holidays. There are a number of beautiful places and spots where you can spend time with your friends and family. The beautiful landscape of this city is the spot where there are a number of entertainment areas as well as hotels and restaurants all of which serve you with a great vacation experience.

The amazing culture, natural landscapes, flora and fauna together make this place a must visit. Here are the best places to visit in Kuching.

  1. Bako National Park, Kuching:

This national park covers a total area of 2727 hectares and the same is considered to be the oldest national park of the area. The place is situated at a distance of 37 kilometers from the city and is a home to stunning natural beauty as well as extensive collection of the wildlife. You can easily travel here using any public transport or your own independent vehicle. The major attractions of this National Park include langurs, wild boar, long-tailed macaque monkeys, flying squirrels, monitor lizards and many others. The national park also provides for a cafeteria that serves snacks to the visitors.

  1. Sarawak Cultural Village:

Sarawak Cultural Village of Kuching is one of the best places to visit here. This one is a living museum as well as a fascinating cultural display of multiple styles of the region which also showcases the houses as well as living styles and conditions of the locals here. You can explore and acquire knowledge about all kinds of culture and their essence by visiting this place and spend a leisure time here. Apart from this, the place also showcases an extensive collection of swords, baskets, handicrafts and various other art pieces.

  1. Cat Museum:

One of the most unique places that this city embraces for all its tourists is the cat museum. If you are a cat lover, your visit to the Cat Museum is a must. This is in fact, the first of its very own kind in the whole world. The cat museum is a completely different place for all the tourists, especially the cat lovers here. The place embraces more than 4,000 pictures as well as souvenirs and feline art of several kinds and species of cat. The museum covers a total area of 1035 square meters and it surely serves as one amazing place to be in.

  1. Kuching Waterfront:

Kuching Waterfront is considered as one of the most refreshing and peaceful places of the city. This place is very fascinating and it boasts a waterfront which was earlier a riverbank having old warehouses as well as dilapidated buildings. Later on, this place was then beautified with a beautifully paved pathway of one kilometer to facilitate leisure walking. Ever since then, this place has become a popular spot for all the tourists and locals. The cool refreshing air, amazing light bulbs and various refreshments café, this place has surely become one of the most romantic destinations of the city. If you are likely to visit the place, it is suggested to visit during the night time as it decorates itself more than beautifully. This place is a charming spot for sure.

  1. Kuching Wetlands National Park:

This beautiful national park covers a total area of 6610 hectares and it is considered as one of the most popular places to visit in Kuching. The national park is entirely filled with saline mangrove system and it has a rich marine network along with waterways and creeks which eventually connect the major Salak and Sibu Laut rivers that border the park. You can explore this park by arranging for a river cruise via park. There are beautiful views that you can catch while having a gala time here.

  1. The Great Orangutan Project:

The Great Orangutan Project is known to be an initiative where the people could work as volunteers and spend two to four weeks of their time aiding as to the conservation project of Orangutan in the pretty Kubah National Park. This one surely gives you a pleasant and once in a lifetime experience to cherish as you can extend a helping hand to the animal under the supervision of an expert volunteer. You can take care of the beautiful animal and can learn a number of things about them such as how they are bathed, how they are fed and how they are taken care of. The volunteers involved in the project are very friendly and hardworking and so they make this experience all the more comfortable for you. This one serves an excellent opportunity for all the travelers who get a chance to come close to the nature and to the animals as well.

  1. Sarawak Orchid Garden:

If you are a connoisseur of flowers, especially orchids, then this is surely the best place to be in while you are touring Kuching. The beautiful Sarawak Orchid Garden is one popular tourist attraction of the city and it is a home to more than 82 species of orchids. This garden came into establishment in the year 2009 and ever since then it has been interesting tourists of all rounds who come and visit here to explore and know about the beautiful orchids. Apart from the native species of orchids, this gardens has an extensive assortment of orchids from throughout the world. The garden has two parts – the nursery as well as the display area. You can enjoy sightseeing both of them with all the delight.

  1. Fairy Caves:

The Fairy Caves is a beautiful cavern which is located thirty meters above the ground and which happens to be one of the best places to visit in Kuching. The entire place is adorned with beautiful ferns as well as moss covered formations of rock, thereby giving the place a beautiful and mystical aura. This is where you can come a step close to nature and begin to admire it.

Plan a visit to all these places in Kuching and you will love traveling here every now and then.