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Attractions in Kuching

Malaysia’s Sarawak attracts a number of tourists for all kinds of jungle-related and adventurous activities, its cities with a small town feel as well as its diverse and rich ethnic tradition and culture. Kuching is the capital of this state and also the most popular place within the area. There are a number of places in Kuching which intrigue and fascinate the tourists till their heart’s content. Following are the top attractions in Kuching:

  1. Astana: The beautiful residence of Sarawak’s White Rajahs:

Astana means a palace in English and it is surely one of the best places to visit and explore in Kuching. The beautiful elegant palace sits on the banks of the River Sarawak and is one of the best tourist attractions of the city. This place has been the former residence of the White Rajahs of Sarawak and today it has been transformed into the seat of the Governor of Sarawak which is not usually open to the public. The place embraces beautifully decorated and manicured gardens and a fence that surround the palace altogether. You can always stand on the opposite side of the river and get some amazing photographs clicked.

  1. Kuching Waterfront:

Kuching Waterfront is a beautiful spot of the city which embraces the southern banks of the Kuching River diving the capital. There is a walkway providing for the views of the river, access to the hotels, restaurants and vendors hawking the snacks and street food. This entire waterfront covers a distance of one kilometer and gives a nice place to all the visitors to enjoy the beautiful sunset. This one is sure one of the top attractions of the city.

  1. Old Court House Complex:

The beautiful Old Court House was constructed in the late 1800s wherein it served as the administrative centre of the city. Today, this place has been transformed into a café and a bar. There are a number of amazing venues around which are mostly flooded by a number of tourists who are seen indulging themselves in one activity or the other. This is the same place that embraces the main tourist information center of the city.

  1. Tua Pek Kong Temple:

Tua Pek Kong Temple is the oldest temple of the city and of course, one of the most amazing tourist attractions of Kuching. This temple dates back to 1843 and it happens to be the most ancient Chinese temple of the city. This temple is located within the heart of the city center and surrounds various other beautiful tourist attractions of the city as well. The temple is very colorful in terms of its appearance which surely attracts a lot of tourists in the first place.

  1. Darul Hana Bridge:

This bridge was opened in the late 2017 with a purpose of linking the northern and southern parts of the city. However, today it has also become one of the top tourist attractions of the city. This bridge resembles the alphabet ‘S’ in terms of its appearance. The two towers that align the bridge are designed in order to appear like the hornbill-inspired structures of the typical Bidayuh bamboo bridges. The entire setting of this bridge is beautiful and it experiences a good footfall, especially during the night.

  1. Cat Museum:

The Cat Museum is one of the most unique places and in fact, this establishment is first of its kind. Considered to be the first cat museum of the world, this place covers four galleries inside the building of City Hall. There are more than 4,000 items that cover everything related to the cats. This one is surely a must visit place for all the cat lovers and for other tourists as well. The Cat Museum of Kuching gets an annual visit of thousands of visitors every year.

  1. Art Museum:

The beautiful Art Museum of Kuching is yet another attraction which attracts a number of tourists throughout the year. This museum features a beautiful exhibit called the Urang Sarawak which gives a fine description of the people and the culture of the region. This art museum also gives an insight into the indigenous lifestyle as well as traditional mythology and historical periods. There are a number of exhibits which serve as a center of interest for all the art lovers.

  1. Medan Niaga Satok:

This one serves as the biggest as well as liveliest market of the city and it is situated 9 kilometers west to the City Center. Although this market is open every day, however the main event here becomes larger during the weekend when the market begins in the midday. This is the time where the folks from the rural areas gather with fruits, vegetables, spices and many other things to sell to the locals as well as tourists. You can buy a variety of fruits, vegetables and spices from here.

  1. Sarawak Textile Museum:

This building was constructed in the year 1909 and today it happens to be one of the famous tourist attractions of the city. This amazing place displays some of the most amazing examples of traditional Sarawakian textiles which also include the famous Malay songket and various belts, mats, hats, silver work, basket work, bark work, ceremonial headdresses, bangles and many other things to look for. You can shop for your favorite accessories here in nominal prices. This is one popular tourist attraction for all the shopaholics.

  1. Square Tower:

The beautiful and fascinating Square Tower was built in the year 1879 and since then it has become a very famous tourist attraction of the city. This place once guarded the river against various marauders. Today it has become a beautiful restaurant which serves delectable dinner for all the locals as well as tourists. You can enjoy the beautiful architecture of this city while indulging yourself in tasting some of the most delicious cuisines so served on the table.

These tourist attractions in Kuching are worth a visit. You are surely going to have a good time exploring these amazing places of the city.