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Kuching Beach Resorts and Hotels

Kuching is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Sarawak. This capital city has a lot of offerings to all the locals. At the same time, this city is one of the most popular destinations for all the tourists who visit here for vacations. Every year, a number of tourists from all rounds of world visit this beautiful place and spend a happy and tranquil time here. Kuching has a lot to offer to all the tourists as well.

There are a number of beautiful attractions in the city. From amazing historic architecture to some of the most beautiful and tranquil landscapes – you can have a jolly time here. Apart from natural and culturally rich places, the city is also a home to a number of shopping malls, hotels, night clubs as well as resorts.

Talking about the resorts, Kuching is a home to some of the most beautiful beach resorts where you can spend a tranquil time. All these beach resorts bring you closer to the lap of the nature. Furthermore, the front view of the beach is something that a number of people would like to wake up to.


If you are looking forward to spending a blissful holiday by the beautiful beaches of Kuching, we have covered some of the most beautiful beach resorts of the city where you can spend a happy time. Following are the best beach resorts for accommodation in Kuching.

  1. Damai Puri Resort and Spa, Santubong:

The beautiful Damai Puri Resort and Spa is one of the best beach resorts of the city which is full of luxurious amenities. This spa comprises of 207 luxurious guestrooms as well as suites. There are two signature restaurants and two bars. Alongside, the resort has two amazing freeform swimming pools, a secluded stretch of the golden sand beach, a plush ballroom, a gym as well as six meeting rooms. This resort is pretty accessible as it is located near the national park which also makes it the best place for all kinds of leisure activities such as mountain climbing, jungle trekking etc. All the adventure junkies can surely spend a tranquil time here.

  1. Palm Beach Resort, Sematan:

The beautiful Palm Beach Resort happens to be one of the furthest beach resorts of Kuching which has a lot of offering for all the tourists and travelers. This beach resort is situated in the Lundu district of the city and hence about two-hour drive from the city. The beautiful resort embraces the mesmerizing Sematan Beach and it also happens to be very famous among the locals. This is because the resort provides for the best view of the sunset during the evenings. This beach is also considered as the perfect place for sun-bathing. There is an infinity pool as well as a bar overlooking the sea. Hence, you can spend a happy time resting at the resort and sipping your drink.

  1. Union Yes Retreat and Training Center, Lundu:

This beautiful resort and training center is one of the most gorgeous beach hotels to visit in the city. The beach resort can accommodate over 200 guests at one time. Furthermore, there are many other facilities that this hotel avails some of which include chalets, cabin rooms, and a number of beach houses to choose from. The beach resort has two main pools for swimming your heart out. Apart from this, there are several additional amenities open to the guests which include a private parking, barbecue pits, parking facilities as well as a function hall. This is surely one of the best beach resorts to be in.

  1. Century Santubong Beach Resort, Santubong:

Also known as One Santubong Resort, this beautiful place is one of the best beach resorts located within the city. This beach resort guarantees a beautiful escape and tranquility that any nature lover would ever want to seek. This hotel covers a total area of 25 acres and is located within the beautiful jungles having the legendary Mount Santubong at the very backdrop of the hotel. The beautiful hotel has a number of amenities to offer to all the guests and they can make the most of everything. The hotel is further surrounded by the beautiful exotic greens of the Country Club and Damai Golf which are located nearby the popular Sarawak Cultural Village. There are 380 spacious rooms along with self-contained chalets. The stay here is beautiful and calming.

  1. Damai Beach Resort, Santubong:

Damai Beach Resort is considered as one of the most sought after beach resorts of the city. There are a number of reasons behind the popularity of this resort. This hotel accommodates a large pool as well as a number of furnished rooms for all the guests. Apart from the rooms, the resort also offers chalets which are located right by the seaside. This beautiful beach resort has a number of additional facilities as well.

  1. Permai Rainforest Resort, Santubong:

The beautiful Permai Rainforest Resort is one of the most amazing places of the city which has a lot of offerings for the tourists. This one is a small eco-resorts which provides for the best of both the worlds – there is a view of warm tropical beaches as well as the amazing Borneo Rainforest which is further bordered on the two sides by the Santubong National Park. This one is a very unique resort that comprises of ten different tree houses where you can plan your stay. This place also comes with a cabin bar and hosts some of the most amazing and unique activities which are entirely based on the nature.

  1. Basaga Holiday Resort, Lundu:

The beautiful Basaga Holiday Resort is yet another amazing beach resort located in the city. This beach resort provides for 12 different private villa rooms along with courtyards having their very own private outdoor bath tub. Alongside, the resort has a number of other offerings such as a salt water pool, a bar as well as a restaurant. You can enjoy a happy time at the beautiful Siar Beach and can also visit the nearby reserve for several other activities.

Stay at these seven beautiful beach resorts in Kuching to have a happy time.